Life on the edge in wild Andalusia…

We started our new life in rural Spain back in April 2006 and I have taken probably tens of thousands of photos, each one in sequential order so I can flit back in time with each set of photos, remembering those days/weeks.   Just as well really as the 140 page document that I had been writing since that time has been lost without trace.

Those words ‘file not found’ were very chilling.  I’ve had that so many times before, especially in the early days of my writing with floppy disks considered cutting edge. I just don’t understand how I could have been that careless to lose that particular file as it was going to form the basis of my next book, but there we go.

Cabin drive and Med

Little wooden cabin perched on the side of a hill overlooking the Med

I have so many photographs and there is so much to say about our life in a little wooden cabin perched on the side of a hill without mains electricity or water, so why waste it all?

Agapanthus El Jefe 19 Aug 13However, all that idyllic sunshine, nature, countryside and fun times should be taken in context against a backdrop of trials and tribulations emanating from the idiocy of Spanish grey suits combined with our fight to survive the elements. Our fault for being pioneer folk and taking on such a project in wild Spain, perhaps?

Anyway, instead of a book, I decided to bite the bullet and start a blog which will be linked to my website

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