Minding our own business

It’s the middle of October and 32 deg C!  There’s one thing about this place, there’s always so much to do – a very positive thing which conveniently manages to occupy our time when it could easily be spent on unproductive things like worrying and fretting.

New wall below almacen 15 Oct 13We have set ourselves the task of building a monster retaining wall which will need to be something like two metres deep, six metres long and four metres high.  This is to stop the bank falling away during the rainy season, and support the workshop building directly above.  No concrete and blocks for us (and anyway, construction here is currently verboten) and whether it’s true or not we’ve heard tell that the police have been known to patrol around our nearest village listening for the sound of cement mixers.

Cruz del Muerte rocksInstead, we will use nature’s bounty, stones and rocks, formed over millennia, that surround us.  This place is absolutely vast and everywhere we look  there must be millions of tons of loose rock just waiting for us to come along and liberate it.


Mitsubishi boning stones 15 Oct 13Simple enough to load the car up when we go for a walk, and stick the stones on the wall.  So today marked the second day of building the wall.  It will be a slow job, but oh! so rewarding.

Another of today’s tasks was to rake up some more of the brushcutter’s victims – the woody bushes that present such a fire hazard all year round to us.

Torn trailer tyreSo, in order to do that we first had to change the trailer tyre which was in tatters;  the second one to explode.  Presumably the summer sun was just too much for the rubber?


Trailer with brushwoodJob done, the Mitsubishi dragged the ex-foliage off to a place where it can be burned safely during the winter when we are shrouded in mist and dampness.  We don’t want someone to make our business their business and denounce us for burning stuff without the necessary paperwork and permissions!  Ah, this country, full of busybodies with beady eyes which is probably a legacy from Franco’s days.

Side gate reinforced 15 Oct 13Also we noticed that one of the hunting dogs managed to get through the vertical bars of the gate leading to the Parque, so we put paid to that little game by putting chicken wire across.


Agaves LHS front gate 15 Oct 13There was just time at the end of the day to plant a huge agave or two down by the front gate which, as they expand in girth, will deter all but the most intrepid intruder from entering into our sacred place.


A few days ago, on the other side of the gate, which was a little more exposed, we built a little retaining wall and planted a load of these saw-toothed predators.

Each task was punctuated by a tea or coffee, breakfast, lunch and watching something interesting on Netflix.  As I said, there’s so much to do and much of it appears daunting without the necessary resources but – do you remember the old song about the ant moving the rubber tree plant?

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1 Response to Minding our own business

  1. jbfoggy says:

    Such a buzz is to be had from making do and mend.

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