The citrus walk

CistusWhile many plants are dying off, the really hardy cistus (rock rose) bushes are springing up all over the place.  Ever mindful of the fire risk, Joe has been out doing more strimming and brush cutting but it seems a never-ending job, especially in view of the difficulties with disposing of  stuff once it’s been cut.  We are also spraying around every area with Roundup which is expensive but we use it because it doesn’t endanger animals, birds and insects.

Citrus walk panoramaChequer monolith 19 Oct 13A few nights ago we went along the citrus walk with its lemon, lime, orange and kumquat trees that are still managing to cling to life despite our somewhat unreliable ‘automatic’ watering system.  At the start of the walk, there is a chequer-patterned monolith that has just emerged from its hiding place amongst the dried grass and shrubs.

JB putting steps citrus walkThe path had crumbled away and I started to slip on the little stones, but we just managed to avoid me crashing onto the nicely-mending new hip.  Within an hour or so, Joe appeared with chainsaw, lengths of wood and metal rods declaring that he had to fix it immediately.

New steps citrus walk 20 Oct 13 (11)I sat nearby and took some before and after shots while watching him dig.  How often have we had this same scenario over our 25 years together?  Me, very much the passive one who flits around doing twiddly bits here and there and Joe, go-getting and driven.

Boss socks muddy boots Oct 13

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  1. jbfoggy says:

    True style: Hugo Boss and steel-toed shoes!

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