Who stuck the sticker?

ITV on windscreen Feb 14 (2)This may look like an insignificant sticker on the windscreen but to us it represents a total outlay of 1,200 euro and legal motoring for one whole year!

Yes, on Thursday, after some preparatory work last week by Honest John, our Terrano sailed through the ITV (MoT) just like he said it would.

ITV on windscreen Feb 14 (1)

On the way home, quite euphoric about having legality in at least one area of our Spanish life, I got out of the car to take a picture of the sticker.  But it was nowhere to be seen.  I felt a bit of a twit as I jumped back inside to double check.  Yes, there it was, but nothing visible at all from the outside.  The sticker remained totally obscured by the broad blue tint across the top of the windscreen – I presume the ITV station saw this when they stuck it on, rather curious given the bureaucratic nature of things around these here parts.  I do hope we’re not pulled over by the local policia or one of those fearsome, gum chewing, sunglass-wearing guardia trafico chaps!  Whose responsibility is it, I wonder, for sticking the sticker?  Is nothing ever straightforward in this country?

P1000981P1000975Nevertheless, it was a lovely drive home.

I wrote in an earlier blog about our neighbour (let’s call him Juan-come-lately) gaining permission for electricity while we still languish without.  To give you an idea of the lay of the land, here’s a photo I took of the first of the pylons.  Following the cable you can see where it reaches the first slope which is a few metres from our land.  The dark shape of the cabin is above and to the right!  The pylons then swing around to the left and to the back of our hill where the new homestead has been built – in all I reckon there’s about 2km of electricity cabling dangling right there, right in front of our noses.

Egyptian grasshopper Feb 14The temperature got up to 24 deg C, the bees are busy dive-bombing the cars, and I saw this rather large grasshopper sunning him or herself on the gate.  He clung on for dear life when I opened the gate.  Looking it up, I think it’s an Egyptian grasshopper, 30-50mm long, who “flies well and at speed”.

P1000932Something that doesn’t fly well or at speed is this plastic butterfly.  Joe attached him to one of the oak trees a few years back, and when we walked down that way yesterday I was surprised to find it still there!  I know it’s cheating, but you have to admit, it is rather sweet…

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