Killing two birds with one stone

Pink CB over Competa 4 Mar 14 (1) Pink CB over Competa 4 Mar 14 (2)When we saw the angry cloud formation at six o’clock last night, the huge cumulo-nimbus thundercloud rising vertically upward we really thought we would be in for a stormy time, but in fact it turned into just another windy night; no change there, then.  Panning the camera to the right the Med looked tranquil and pink-tinged.

Path woodland walk 4 Mar 14 (3)In order to ‘Matar dos pájaros de un tiro’ (kill two birds with one stone – as they say around here), womble Joe continues with his programme of path building.  It’s not just that we’re saving money, but also that we’re convinced we are providing a very necessary and vital service recycling stones that would otherwise just hang around the track and cause routine mischief to any vehicles coming into contact with them!!

Wooden punch bag 28 Feb 14 (2)He’s just so happy creating a legacy – something useful and beautiful that will remain on this land long after we’ve ceased to exist.  But it’s fun to add little touches that make us laugh every time we pass by, like this wooden ‘sculpture’ in the shape of a pointing finger that waves around on a metal rod – our way of ‘flipping the bird’ at the Junta.

Cracked A160 screen 3 Mar 14The spider crack on the little English car’s windscreen had been growing poco a poco since we’ve been back in Spain but suddenly, almost overnight it shot up alarmingly.  So much so that we were actually motivated to get it replaced before it took over the whole of the windscreen (see action shot, left).  Nice, professional job at Carglass, the Spanish version of Autoglass.  The three and a half hour wait (well, he was doing it all single-handed) we managed to fill most productively – more sudokus to fail at, more salad, chips and coffee, more shopping for something meaningless at Lidl.

Salares tip 28 Feb 14 (1) Salares tip 28 Feb 14 (2)Continuing the rubbish tip theme I started a few posts back, we came across another beauty just outside the boundary of a particularly picturesque mountain village, one that has only about 200 inhabitants.  It looks as though the large skip is locked, so it stands to reason that people will place their rubbish outside.  This village itself is on the tourist trail because it is built along Moorish lines and has a particularly well-preserved Roman bridge.  It used to be totally unspoiled, but that’s another story for me to tell sometime soon…

Useless play park 27 Feb 14 (1)A few miles away I was stunned to see, for the first time, actual people in the ‘amenity space’ that the Junta, with maybe a little help from the odd EU grant, had created about three years ago. Sited on a bend in a minor road, it has no parking and is about two miles from the nearest habitation. Similar civil amenities have recently sprung up in the area with an exciting array of brightly coloured exercise machines, but this one has the added benefit of a tennis court and some sort of clock tower without a clock in it.  It was so unusual to see the tennis court in use, that I just had to snap the happy scene for posterity.  BTW, I entitled the picture ‘useless play park’!

Goats Salares track 19 Feb 14We did hear tell that our old friend Ricardo the cabrero, had ‘fallen over’ at his house and was in hospital with some sort of head injury.  But earlier this evening it was somewhat comforting to know he was up and about, shouting at his goats, occasionally his dogs, as they all meandered down our side track.  Life goes on.  Here’s looking at you, Ricardo!

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