Stonehenge comes to Foggie

Foggiehenge 12 Mar 14 (4)The pile of long stones on the first zig-zag bend of our drive had been growing since last year, poco a poco.  Joe has always wanted to create his own mini Stonehenge ever since he watched the film Spinal Tap. So every time we saw a likely stone candidate we would add it to the pile and not sacrifice it to the ignominious fate of being buried beneath the ongoing buttress wall.

Foggiehenge 12 Mar 14 (7) Foggiehenge 12 Mar 14 (5)Yesterday he disappeared for a few hours then came back grinning, “Lyn, we’ve got our own Foggiehenge!”.  Of course, I had to inspect our new monument, so down the drive we went and there it was in all its glory on the last bend before the gate.  I’d never seen the Spinal Tap movie, so I couldn’t quite see why Joe was laughing so much about how similar his Foggiehenge resembled the Stonehenge prop used on the Spinal Tap movie (see; but once I saw the clip from the movie, where the scenery team had made an 18 inch rather than an 18 feet tall stone model for the stage show (18” rather than 18′ is an easy mistake to make!), I could eventually see the reason for his mirth…

Bottom of prow 12 Mar 14 Stone seat nr water pipe Mar 14Like all the other stone structures that we’ve been creating all around the land, including the paths and steps, we know that Foggiehenge will certainly stand the test of time, as long as the wildflowers and grasses are kept at bay.  We might have to replace one or two of Foggiehenge’s horizontal stones if the wind dislodges them, but we’ve got something to make us smile every time we go past it!

JB LAF 10 Mar 14Bridge on bump 6 Mar 14 (21)Earlier in the paragraph I used the royal ‘we’ when writing about the creation of our lovely stone structures. Here’s a few pics that demonstrates exactly what my input usually is to all the hard work going on around the place.  My excuse of a new left hip is wearing a bit thin now, so is the one about the sudden onset of plantar fasciitis on my poor right heel… However, Joe seems to enjoy spending time alone with his thoughts.

Mitsubishi & broom load 12 Mar 14 (3)Laden mula 19 Oct 13 (2)We’ve got a couple of Spanish broom that have become so leggy and unattractive that they needed pruning after all these years.  The prunings then had to be crammed into the Mitsubishi and taken away down the hill, to await a bit of cloud cover so we can do a surreptitious burning.

Mitsubishi & broom load 12 Mar 14 (4)Laden mula 19 Oct 13 (1)It seems ridiculous to have to be so sneaky as this is the time all our Spanish neighbours are tidying up their vines, olive and almond orchards, and creating whole new terraces to plant new crops like avocados (although these are very tender and don’t always grow successfully at this height).  

Campo fires Mar 14There are fires springing up all over the place, but it’s just not worth the effort for us to go to the town hall and go through the rigmarole of seeking permission and specifying times and dates etc etc – bet none of  our neighbours bother with an official permiso!

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