Dodging the showers

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”  John Ruskin

Clouds & mist 20 Mar 15 (2)

Mist  Solar panels 20 Mar 15We’ve had our head in the clouds for the last ten days.  By this, I mean that it’s rained a lot without the normal interlude of sunshine or wind to dry up the surface of our drives.  The solar panels continue to perform well, even in these conditions.

Rain umbrella JB 20 Mar 15

Bridge bump 13 Feb 15Joe’s been out with spade and shovel and cleared lots of silt away from the rain water channels and it’s very satisfying to watch it cascade down the hill and under the little stone bridge (pictured here in drier conditions).

Nissan muddy wheel 18 Mar 15 (2)Rains muddy drives 18 Mar 15 (3)On a test run a few days ago, even in 4wd the Nissan began to drift a bit as Joe set off downhill.  Once he reached the flat area halfway down, he turned it around but not before its tyres got well and truly coated with about 2″ of mud slurry.

Rains muddy drives 18 Mar 15 (5)Rains muddy drives 18 Mar 15 (4)Grip lost, the Nissan started to drift sideways quite alarmingly as Joe attempted to steer it up the front drive, and with a sheer drop on the left hand side, he felt it prudent to withdraw.

After a bit of a struggle he eventually got the Nissan up the less precarious back drive where it stayed for a few more days until the cupboard was bare.  The rain hadn’t abated and we simply had to get out to get some shopping.  It was a relief when we got down to the front gate, even more so a few hours later when the Nissan bore us safely back laden with lots of exciting food shopping, plus pickaxe handle, brown paint and 8 bags of capa fina.  The journey to the coast had been slower than usual because the Nissan was prone to the odd slide or two on the wet roads.

Panic room wall LAF 9 Mar 15In between cats-and-dogs type showers Joe was able to finish what we now call the curly-wurly seat that effectively used up his stockpile of larger odd-shaped stones.  The capa fina, as usual, went on like a dream and sculpted into a rather voluptuous shape and quickly covered with marrón oscuro, our trademark brown paint.  At some stage, I think I will add a Moorish type design.

Curvy bench 26 Mar 15 (5)Curvy bench done 27 Mar 15 (4)The seat contrasts nicely with the backdrop of the stone wall that Joe quickly ‘threw together’ a few weeks back, and sitting there provides shelter from the prevailing wind and gives us uninterrupted views of the road and valley.

P1050288We immediately christened the curly-wurly with a refreshing pot of Lapsang Souchong tea, our Wedgwood china cups balancing well on the flat areas each side that Joe thoughtfully had provided for this very purpose.

We sell tea in Starbucks, but I think the experience is very different.  I think coffee is something that is quick – it’s transactional.  I think tea is more Zen-like.  It requires a different environment.”  Howard Schultz (Chairman/CEO of Starbucks)




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